Status Update -- I Still Exist!


Yes, I am still alive and kicking! I have been super busy since January this year. The company I work for got bought out back in March and we had to temporarily move to a shared office space. We finally got into our own space and I’ve been building out the network infrastructure for it. Some quick stats if you are curious:

  • Pulled 10k feet of ethernet cable with a co-worker through a crummy drop ceiling. (4 cables per 2 port wall outlet)
  • Managing our Fiber install from Comcast… which won’t be done till the middle of August >:3
  • Punched down over 60+ keystone jacks.
  • Crimped a few cables.
  • Broke 3 ceiling tiles… oops :P
  • Configured and re-deployed our VM cluster and other server infra.
  • Configured and deployed more switches in our network stack.
  • Labeled and documented everything……
  • Bunch of extra office diy stuff that isn’t related to IT…

and…. I’m not done yet. Still waiting on the last shipment of slim patch cables from since they were on backorder.

Homelab / Blog info

I really haven’t been at my desk much since we started working on the new building a month ago. With that task now coming to an “end”, I can start refocusing back on my homelab and other things on my to-do. Here are some things coming up on the docket of new posts:

  • Honey, I broke the blog at 3am..
  • Varken Flux Dashboard update / upgrades
  • Pi-hole but High Availability?
  • Replacing Pi-hole with Technitium DNS
  • Kinetic by Windstream review.
  • Caddy & Cloudflare tunnel.
  • Unifi Talk Review v2.0.
  • Unifi Dream Machine Pro Review on v3.1 Firmware (update of a really old post when it first came out that got deleted in the move to Jekyll)

I am working on all of these and will release them as they are completed. With that said, back to work I go!

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