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Welcome to the New Blog!

Alex's Guardian (the business) and Alex's Blog have now split and are separate websites now. This change was needed so that the business website could be cleaned up and made easier to find business information. Over the next coming weeks/months the blog will be...

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50% Packet loss? What?!

So if you are a frequent user of my website you may have recalled some issues with my site that started last week. Well here's the scoop on what happened. Last Wednesday [ 4/26/19 ] around 3AM I started getting reports of low bandwidth in my overview...

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Quick Grafana update

So now that I have my permanent Grafana setup running, I want to go through and update the guide with everything I have learned. This will hopefully be happening this weekend if I get time. The update will also include an updated docker-compose file as...

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Deluge -> InfluxDB

So ever since I got my remote seed box setup from I have been trying to figure out the best way to get Deluge stats to show up in my Grafana stack. I first tried a Deluge Exporter for Prometheus but it didn't seem to work as it required the...

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HDD Failure Update

Ok so a few weeks ago I suffered a partial HDD failure. Basically the HDD hosting my 2 Docker VMs started producing a ton of bad sectors which caused partial corruption on my VMs. This in turn caused issues with containers that read persistent data...

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Forcing devices to use Pi-Hole

So currently I have a few "smart home" devices and a few of them have hard coded DNS servers they use for DNS queries. Most notably my Google devices... So I went ahead and setup two NAT rewrite rules on my ER-Lite that forced all devices to go through...

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